Web & Graphic Designer

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

≡ Recent Work ≡

I continue to have the privilege of working with a lot of really amazing people and organizations.
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Wisconsin Film Festival

The largest campus-based film festival
in the United States.

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Matchstick Creative Co.

A creative agency in Calgary and a division of Neota Corp.

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Coming soon.

Providence Children's Centre

A preschool for children with disabilities, serving hundreds of kids throughout the city of Calgary.

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Arts Enterprise UW

A UW-Madison organization that trains and empowers artists to take creative leadership.

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Posters & Prints

Coming soon.

I've also handled front-end development for the following projects (and many others) for Neota Corp:

Ryan Bouman FilmLifeline MalawiAlyssa Marie Photography

≡ About Me ≡

I'm a Wisconsin boy (with a stop in Chicago on my way to Alberta), a rabid consumer of hockey (go Flames) and baseball (go Red Sox), as well as the guitar, breakfast foods, Shakespeare plays, and museum exhibits.

I'm a self-taught designer who codes; I strongly believe that how a site works is just as important as how it looks. In practical terms, that means I have the skills and experience to participate in, and sometimes even oversee, a web project from beginning to end - from concept through implementation and launch - by using a proper workflow that makes clients and creative teams happy.

I'm proficient in HTML5 and CSS3 (I build with Brackets and preprocess with SASS & CodeKit, if that info interests you), along with a bit of jQuery and a smattering of PHP. I build graphics and layouts with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign CC.

Sound good to you? Shoot me an email and let's talk about how I can help.

≡ Contact Me ≡

I'm employed as a web designer at Build Studio in the amazing city of Calgary,
but I'm always game for working on interesting projects with awesome people.

Ready to chat? Send me an email at:

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