Arts Enterprise UW-Madison
Web Design & Development • Wordpress CMS Theming

Arts Enterprise UW-Madison is an organization on campus that "teach(es) the strategic skills today's artists need to take leadership in the creative economy"; i.e., how to succeed at the business side of their art. Besides having a student branch and holding events throughout the year, Arts Enterprise teaches a course called "Art as Business as Art," which brings together artists from across campus to learn about this very important topic. Arts Enterprise approached me to do a new Wordpress site that would bring all of these facets of the organization under one tent.

Working with course instructor (and renowned flutist) Stephanie Jutt, I designed and built a site that would enable students to make weekly blog posts (as assigned by the Art as Business as Art) course, as well as to give other visitors all of the information they needed on the organization. In addition, the site needed to be easily editable by staff and student organization leaders; after I finished the initial design and development, I trained them on using the Wordpress admin panel and handed it off to them fully.

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