Providence Children's Centre
Web Design & Development • Wordpress CMS Theming • Content Strategy

When I began as the part-time Communications & Technology Consultant at Providence Children's Centre, a Calgary preschool for children with disabilities, the site had been designed and developed in Wordpress by a well-meaning volunteer. But I soon realized that there was no over-arching content strategy holding the site together. Priorities of various departments clashed throughout the website, which created a mish-mash of written and overwritten material and left visitors unable to find the information they needed. In addition, the site's visuals needed a rework in order to better reflect the Providence's professionalism and experience.

So, my first task was to figure out what information was needed and how to prioritize it. Working with a committee of three Providence executives, we decided that the best strategy for the front page was to develop specific modules designed to target the main reasons people visited the site (according to the survey we conducted and the site's Google Analytics account). Then, using Providence's already-established brand, I designed and built a clean, simplified site using Wordpress; this allows other staff members to complete tasks such as change staff names and write blog posts.

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